7 reasons to try a printable escape room at home


Gone are the days where kids are cooped up at home whining, “I’m bored!” Desperately seeking an activity to entertain my kids, I stumbled on the idea of printable escape rooms for kids…print and go! What? An escape room I can print out and complete in the comfort of my own home was appealing and of course easy on the wallet. I often found myself scouring the internet for hours looking for kid-friendly printables, and every once in a blue moon I found something that would keep my kids’ attention for 10 minutes… if I was lucky!  

Until I discovered printable escape rooms to play at home! 

  1. LOW COST – Easy on the Wallet

Escape rooms skyrocketed in popularity a few short years ago. There are three escape rooms within fifteen minutes of my house. My family had to make reservations a week in advance to get in there for an hour to play! But it cost over a hundred dollars for a family of four, so it’s not something we could do often. At a fraction of the price, we tried the CAMPING ESCAPE ROOM, and my kids were immediately hooked.

Camping Theme Printable Escape Room for Kids

With a price of only $14.99 (or 20% off when you subscribe to our newsletter) and over 200 adventures to choose from, you can save a small fortune!

  1. FAMILY BONDING TIME – Yes please!

My kids would barely make eye contact with me because they were always on their cell phone. (Let alone be in the same room as me) Now we were all standing shoulder to shoulder racing against the clock in excitement! My youngest was emerging as a leader, which was a shining opportunity for her. Wheels were turning and my kids actually said, “Thanks mom, this is fun!”  


Printable Escape Rooms were perfect for everyone in the family from kids to adults. Really. The escape rooms are PRINT AND GO, so there was NO SETUP involved! No fancy envelopes to stuff, no odd shapes to cut out. Seriously, just print and go. 

With so many themes to choose from, we’ve got something for everyone. If you have never played an escape room at home, hints are offered in case anyone gets “stuck.” anything similar before, we make sure to help you along the way. The puzzles also vary in difficulty, so even my youngest had a blast.

With an at home escape room kit, you can play at your own pace, and even take a break for dinner.

Reasons to try a printable escape room at home


No reservations needed. Need a last-minute party planning idea? You got it! Looking for a rainy-day activity? We got you covered! Play whenever and wherever! We’ve even completed a printable kids escape room on a long road trip, and let me tell you, it makes the whole trip go by much quicker!

Road Trip Activity - Printable Escape Room

From Zombies to Cupcakes and Christmas to Halloween, there’s a theme for every occasion.


With most real-life escape rooms, it’s difficult to organize large groups and no one wants to play alone. By choosing a Printable Escape Room, you can either play with one player or 100 players! Your group can be as small or large as you want.


 Our action-packed escape rooms challenge players to solve puzzles under pressure. Confidence is built early in the game, so your kids feel capable of higher-level thinking and can deduce ideas to succeed.

Think Tank Puzzles are proudly featured in THOUSANDS of classrooms and corporate events around the world.

Escape rooms are the ultimate challenge and a fantastic way to develop problem-solving skills. Each puzzle is unique and requires thinking outside of the box because the answer is never what it seems. A sudden adrenaline rush hits you and survival instinct kicks in as you try your best to escape the room.


No longer are the days where you play once then your kids are “over it” because we have a large variety of the TYPES of escape rooms we offer.

Cartoon Movies Trivia Escape Room for Kids

Want to test knowledge? Try a Trivia Escape Room. Stuck inside? Try a Virtual Escape Room. Need a Birthday Party idea to entertain the kids? Try a Printable Escape Room. Seeking something more common, try a Logic Puzzle Escape.

Birthday Virtual Escape Room for Kids


 You’ll create unique family memories, improve cognitive abilities, and have happier children. Really! What’s not to love about immersive, engaging, low-cost printable escape rooms for the home?

You’re in the right place and we’re ready to help you plan an unforgettable party! You’ll be the talk of the town after using one of party games! Your child deserves a unique, code-breaking adventure!

Want to try a FREE Murder Mystery to test out your puzzle solving skills?  If you answered yes, click HERE! 

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