Christmas Carols Trivia and Other Holiday Games

Christmas Carols and Other Holiday Games

Christmas Carols Trivia Game for Kids

It’s that time of year. Time to start planning your Christmas party! Include your children and plan Christmas Carols, games, and of course, the best Christmas crafts, decor, and food. Enjoy Christmas Carols and other holiday games at your next Christmas party.

Christmas Carols Games

Traditional Christmas games might include Pin the Nose on Rudolph, Christmas Charades, Christmas Word Scrambles, or even Christmas Bingo. Take your Christmas games to the next level this year with Christmas escape rooms.

Christmas Escape Rooms

My favorite is the Christmas Carols trivia escape room! Christmas Carols like "Deck the Halls", "Jingle Bells", "Silent Night", and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" have nothing on this Christmas Carols Trivia Escape!

How does the Trivia Escape work? It’s simple. Just print and play the Christmas Carols trivia escape with five challenges with five trivia questions each.

Your guests answer questions for each challenge then use the decoder to determine the lock codes. Even though the puzzles can be tough, there’s an answer bank to help.

Other trivia escape rooms include Christmas Movies Trivia Escape and a general Christmas Trivia Escape.

Christmas Murder Mystery

Another unconventional Christmas party game is a Christmas Murder Mystery! This is the case of Santa’s Naughty List and a combo of puzzles, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, and clues! Don’t worry. It’s kid-friendly and no murder themes are involved.

Read the “Top Secret Case File” while your “lead detectives” have about an hour to solve the case. Guests find puzzle clues and decode the answers to eliminate suspects. Print it and go for an easy Christmas party game!

Want more Christmas games to play while you sing Christmas carols? Try the Christmas riddles or Christmas puzzles scavenger hunts!

Christmas Crafts

At your next Christmas party, play some Christmas carols and make your own Christmas decorations for kids to enjoy.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

One of my favorite Christmas crafts for any party is Christmas ornaments. Try these homemade Christmas ornaments, simple enough for any age. With just a little salt dough or air dry clay, you can make darling Christmas tree ornaments! They’re easy enough for even the littlest of hands and make great keepsakes, too.

Christmas Glass Votives

Mercury glass votives are beautiful and easy to make. Simply spray the insides of mason jars with looking glass paint then let them dry. Add a pillar candle or tea light for a pretty and unique decoration. 

Christmas Wreaths

Get into the holiday spirit with a homemade Christmas wreath. There are wreaths for every taste, style, and budget! Start with a foam wreath to have your guests make their very own. Berries, pine leaves, and pine cones are great wreath starters.

Christmas Food

Hot Cocoa Bar

No Christmas party is complete without some delicious Christmas food! Set up a hot chocolate bar with all the toppings. Kids will love making their own hot chocolates. Some fun toppings for all ages include:

For the kids, let them go to town on the toppings. Sprinkles, chocolate chips, and caramel are all great options!

Christmas Cookies

Try some traditional Christmas Cookies like gingerbread or sugar cookies. You can even have your party-goers make and frost their own Christmas cut-out cookies. Have a variety of Christmas cookie cutters for a fun-filled and tasty party. You could also invite everyone to bring a few dozen cookies and have a cookie exchange!

Christmas Decor

In addition to Christmas crafts, decorate your party with a Christmas tree, lights, and fake snow. Christmas decorations are fun even when the party ends, so keep them up for the whole season. Set the mood by playing Christmas carols during the party. It will make the Christmas decor seem even more festive. 

Christmas carols, deck the halls with decor, and so many fun Christmas games! Your Christmas party will definitely be one your guests will never forget. How will you celebrate Christmas this year? Try these fun Christmas games and more to make it festive and fun!

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