How to Celebrate with Pirate Games

How to Celebrate with Pirate Games

How to Celebrate with Pirate Games

Argggh, matey! It's time to plan a celebration for your classroom or kids at home. What's a better theme for your imaginative and creative kids than pirates? With decor, pirate games, crafts, and food, watch your kids go crazy for a pirate party!

Pirate Party Decor

Adorn your pirate celebration with the perfect pirate party decorations! Start with some pirate signs to point to the hidden treasure, pirate's cove, and even Davy Jones's locker. Plant a sign in front of your home or classroom to indicate the location where the pirate games will begin! With 20 signs total, you can decorate your home or classroom to make sure everyone knows where the pirates are!

Make sure each of your pirates are dressed for the occasion! Each of your attendees receives a pirate hat and eye patch. Up the dress up pirate games even more with pirate capes, treasure chests, coins, swords and more! Pirate dress up is also a great photo opp with a pirate map backdrop. Get an Instant Film camera, so every child can take home their own pirate party picture.

Pirate Games

Your pirate celebration isn't complete without a plethora of pirate games! Get started with a few ready-to-go and engaging games for all the pirate children.

How to celebrate with pirate games

Pirate Escape Room

The first pirate game on this list is a pirate escape room! Escape Room Games are a crowd-pleasing favorite for any pirate celebration. Choose from the pirate ship escape room  or pirate's cove escape room. Both are not only great pirate games, they are ways for young people to think critically and solve puzzles in a team in a school or home setting.

Here's how escape rooms work! First, party goers visit 10 stations to solve a puzzle and record their answer on the provided recording sheet. Each of the 10 stations has a hint card. Decoders are provided with the name of the puzzle for kids to use when needed.

Each Escape Room Game comes with the following:

  • PDF game guide
  • Set up instructions
  • PDF game materials
  • Signs to hold up
  • Frequently asked questions

Breakout of these popular escape room pirate games !

Pirate Scavenger Hunt

This fun pirate game is a pirate scavenger hunt delivered via PowerPoint. Put it on the TV (or even deliver it virtually)!

Told in riddles, the pirate scavenger hunt has 20 riddle puzzles for kids to solve. You have everything you need to "find" the pirate treasure in your home or classroom. All items are common items such as shoes, keys, brushes, and more.

The pirate scavenger hunt includes:

  • PDF game guide
  • PowerPoint game with 20 riddles
  • Set up instructions
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Tech tips for video sharing platforms
  • Coupon code for future purchases

Go on the hunt with this fun pirate scavenger hunt!

Pirate Treasure Hunt

This pirate game is different from the pirate scavenger hunt. This is one of my favorite pirate games to use in the classroom or with a pirate party at home!

The pirate treasure hunt includes treasure hunt clues, riddles, and escape game puzzles.

Treasure hunt pirate games are easy to play and consist of two rounds.

Round 1:

To begin, your pirates read a “secret mission”, and Clue # 1 is handed to the “treasure seeker”. Clue #1 then leads to clue 2 in a different location.  After finding each clue, they will need to decode a puzzle revealing “movement” on the included pirate game treasure map. This continues as your party goers solve 14 riddles in round 1.

Round 2:

Next, the kids use the decoded answers from the puzzles. Then your pirates move the “directions” on the treasure map to figure out where their final treasure is located. To do so, they need to know basic addition and subtraction of numbers 1-10. Keep this in mind when considering the age and level of your party goers!

This pirate treasure hunt includes the following in an instant download:

  • PDF game guide (8.5 x 11)
  • 14 Scavenger hunt riddles and puzzles
  • Treasure map
  • Set up instructions with hiding spots
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Coupon code for future purchases

Get ready for a fun-filled party full of pirate games!

Pirate Crafts

Here are a few pirate crafts to create in between pirate games at your classroom party, sleepover, or birthday party!

These quick and fun pirate crafts are the perfect complement to pirate games that kids love to play!

Pirate Food

Every pirate party needs some pirate booty! These snack size white cheddar cheese puffs are gluten-free and a snack favorite for even the youngest pirates.

Want some fun pirate recipes? Try snacks, meals, and desserts from the Pirates of the Caribbean Cookbook. These themed recipes are sure to become a favorite for your party attendees!

For sleepovers, birthday parties, family game nights, or classroom parties, get ready for these pirate games and more to help you celebrate! What pirate games will you play at your next event?

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