How to Throw a Halloween Escape Room Party

How to Throw a Halloween Escape Room Party

Halloween Escape Room Party Ideas for Kids

Escape rooms are all the rage these days, and what better way to celebrate Halloween than by throwing your own Halloween escape room party? Here are some tips on how to make your party the best it can be with Halloween games, decor, food, and crafts! Get started with the perfect Halloween escape room party!

Halloween Games

First, there are so many spooky games to play at a Halloween party, but Halloween escape rooms are the best! This is a way to throw a little family-friendly mystery into your Halloween party.

Halloween Trivia Escape

Start with a Halloween Trivia Escape Room! Your kids work through five challenges, each with 5 trivia questions and a puzzle decoder. They answer questions then use the decoder to figure out the lock codes. The puzzles get harder as they go on, but it's perfect to work together!

Want something to play anytime of year? Try these games that extend beyond Halloween escape rooms:

All Halloween escape rooms also come with everything ready to play!

  • PDF game guide
  • PDF game materials
  • Set up instructions
  • Signs to hold up
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Coupon code for future purchases

Overall, you'll have everything you need for a perfect Halloween escape room!

Halloween Murder Mystery Games

Another type of Halloween game is the Halloween Murder Mystery games. Don't worry! They're also family-friendly and tons of fun for all ages. My favorite is the Case of the Halloween Ball Murder Mystery.

Your detectives have an hour to solve the "Top Secret Case".  First, hide the puzzles Next, use the puzzle clues and decode the answers to eliminate suspects. 

The game comes with everything you need. . .even props!

Try the Case of the Haunted Mansion Murder Mystery for another Halloween escape room type game!

Any of these Halloween puzzle games will be a hit at your Halloween escape room party!

Halloween Decorations

To start, set the mood with some Halloween music and dim the lights. Of course, your decorations should also set the mood for your party. Think about using black lights and fog machines to create a creepy atmosphere. Also, consider  hanging spider webs in doorways, setting out bowls of candy "eyeballs," or placing flameless "candles" around the room.

One of the best parts of Halloween parties is costumes! Have your guests come in costumes, and make that part of the decor.

Add the props from your Halloween escape room or Halloween Murder Mystery party, and your home will be transformed into the perfect Halloween party spot!

Halloween Treats

Halloween food is my favorite. Candy, cookies, and more make Halloween eats easy to serve. When food can double as a craft, it's a bonus! Try this Oreo Cookie Haunted House as a fun activity your guests can eat. YUM!

Some other Halloween food includes witch fingers" made of green peppers and almond slivers or "monster brains" (aka peeled grapefruit segments). Add any kind of punch for a special "witch's brew"! Overall, Halloween food is creative, creepy, and fun!

Also, don't forget bowls of Halloween candy or caramel apples! 

Halloween Crafts

Finally, round out your Halloween escape room party with some fun Halloween crafts!

Decorate Halloween rocks to hide around the neighborhood or take home. Another simple Halloween craft is decorating plain witch hats. There are so many fun things to do with Halloween crafts.

Of course, carving pumpkins is always a Halloween go-to craft! Get some kid safe carving kits and patterns, and have fun!

Overall, your Halloween escape room party is sure to impress all your guests. Have all your party-goers come in costume and be ready to solve some intriguing and mysterious puzzles. Which Halloween escape room will you choose at your Halloween party?


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