How To Throw a Superhero Movie Party

How to Throw a Superhero Movie Party

Ho to throw a superhero movie party

Are your kids big fans of superhero movies? If so, why not throw a superhero movie party? Play some superhero games, enjoy some comic book themed crafts, and eat some movie snacks. Of course, have some downtime with a superhero movie fit for all ages!

Superhero Movie and Decor

First, you'll need to decide what superhero movie you're going to watch. Make sure it's a good one that everyone will enjoy. Once you've decided on the movie, it's time to start on the decorations.

First, start with some costumes. Whether it's a DC comic movie or a Marvel superhero movie, give every kid their own superhero mask! Have a lot to choose from so everyone can have their own unique superhero movie character. Next, have each kid throw on a superhero cape to complete the costume!

Finally, consider a photo booth with a superhero movie theme. A cool backdrop and fun props make for perfect photo souvenirs for the party.

Comic and Superhero Movie Games

Superhero Escape Room

You know how much I love escape room games, and the superhero movie themed escape rooms are some of my favorites! This superhero escape room has your kids solving multiple puzzles searching for that final code word! Overall, kids eight and older will love this superhero movie game that includes everything you need to play for about an hour.

Movie Heroes Trivia Game

Another fun game is the movie heroes trivia escape. Play a combination of codes, ciphers, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, and puzzles. . .and TRIVIA! I love the movie heroes trivia game for a little bit different spin on the escape room.

The movie heroes trivia escape  is so easy to play! First, your kids work through five trivia question challenges with a puzzle decoder. Next, they answer questions for each of the five challenges and use the decoder to figure out the codes.

Overall, this game is a little more challenging, but there is an answer bank to help the kids out! Try this game at your superhero movie party or any of our other fun movie-themed games. If your kids are more into comics, try out the comic trivia escape.

Comic Book and Superhero Movie Crafts

Make Your Own Comic Book

Next, it's time for crafts. Have your party-goers make their own comic books with a superhero movie theme. Get pre-made comic book frames or go digital with Canva comic book templates online. Your kids can recreate their favorite superhero movie scenes or make up their own comic or cartoon!

Superhero Movie Door Hangers

Of course, each child can make their own superhero movie door hanger. Have them personalize the door hanger with their own name and superhero themed stickers.

Superhero Movie Food

What goes better with a movie than popcorn? Pop some movie theater popcorn and put them in these comic book movie popcorn containers! Of course, every kid loves a little popcorn with a superhero movie.

Next, Marvel superhero fruit snacks are another delicious treat for your superhero movie party. These are also some easy snacks for kids of all ages.

Juice boxes or bottle water quench every superhero's thirst. Have them ready for your superhero movie party. 

If you want to have a great superhero movie party, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, make sure to pick the right movie. Next, get some affordable superhero or comic book decorations. Also, prepare some fun activities and superhero movie games. Finally, have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand. Your superhero movie party is sure to impress!

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