How To Throw An Escape Room Birthday Party

Kids Birthday Party Printables to WOW your crowd

 Kids Birthday Party Printables to WOW your crowd >Have you heard of those trendy escape room places? You take your family, pay a hefty price, and try to "escape" out of a room. Why not have the fun for a fraction of the price at home? No need to go out in a crowd or pay a group rate, Think Tank Escape Rooms for Kids  are the perfect plan for an escape room birthday party they'll remember! Here are some tips to throw an escape room birthday party for your kids.

Give Clear Instructions

Not all party goers have experienced escape rooms. Before you start the escape room festivities, set your child's friends up for success by walking through the escape room process.

First, the party-goers visit 10 stations and solve a puzzle at each one. Next, kids record their answer on the recording sheet. Each puzzle has a special ‘Hint Card’ to help solve the puzzle. Decoders are included for some puzzles, clearly labeled with the corresponding puzzle.

That's it! Easy, peasy. Let the kids work in pairs or groups to help newcomers to escape rooms get in on the fun in a non-threatening way!

Start with a Theme

One of my favorite things about Think Tank Escape Rooms for Kids  is that they're perfect for any interest. Birthday parties are the best because there are lots of ways to celebrate your child's birthday. The Birthday Bash Escape Room  is one of my favorites to celebrate your birthday kid with puzzles and ciphers!

Birthday cake and balloons are perfect ideas to showcase your favorite birthday kid. Throw up a colorful birthday banner  as your child and their friends solve the birthday puzzles. This birthday themed escape room is perfect for ages 8 and up.

Bring out the sweets with a cupcake escape room and some baking activities perfect for your favorite sweetie!

Have a video game fan in your house? Get Trapped in a Game and decorate with video game decor galore!

Here are a few of our fan favorite escape rooms to try at your next party!

Camping Trip Escape Room

Try a sleepover for your favorite birthday kid! Set up a tent in the backyard or even indoors to have a camping themed birthday party they'll never forget!

Winter weather doesn't mean your child and their friends can't enjoy some indoor camping desserts. Try out a S'mores Maker  for indoor graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate treats!

How to throw an escape room birthday party

Summer Picnic Escape Room

No matter what time of the year it is, your child can enjoy a picnic-themed birthday party! A picnic basket with fake or real food is a perfect way to start your picnic party!

Add finger foods and fun, sandwiches, and more. Picnic puzzles make it so much fun to enjoy a party with tasty treats and an escape room everyone will love!

Set it Up

You have the escape room materials printed, the banner and balloons hung, and the cupcakes made! Now, it's time to set up the escape room. There is so much to do, right? Nope! Escape rooms are simple to set up. There are no locks or special equipment needed.

Just print and play to get started. All the materials are in your escape room download.

Space is up to you.  Consider hiding the puzzle cards around the house or room to make the escape room a fun-filled scavenger hunt. Nice day? Hide the clues and puzzles outside!

Keep the Kids Moving

These aren't your usual printable puzzles. I love to put escape room puzzles around the room or house to let the kids work through the different activities, step by step. Get your party goers on their feet and ready to compete!

Think about it like a classroom. Each puzzle is a station for the kids to solve. Color-coded puzzles are the highlight of these party-friendly escape rooms!

Make it a Competition

Add some amazing prizes to make your escape room themed party complete! Have some party favors for all attendees, but get some big prizes for your first escape room finishers. Share some unicorn pop fidgets for your big winners of the Unicorn Escape room. The party will be popping with Ring Pops after the crew solves the Sugar Town Escape room.

Check out prizes that go with any of the amazing escape room themes!

Involve the Adults

The best thing about escape room  parties is that they are fun for all ages! Want to step it up a notch for older kids or adults? Try a murder mystery.

Top Secret Files with lead detectives make these mysteries safe and fun for all ages. While the mysteries are all about the crime scene investigation, there is no blood or actual murder involved. Ages 8-108 will love these fun games for all ages!

Throwing an escape room birthday party is easy and fun! Set-up only requires printing materials. Add a bit of fun with themed decor, yummy treats or snacks, and prizes. All of your friends will ask for you to help them throw their own escape room parties. Let them know the secret is with Think Tank Escape Rooms for Kids! They won't believe how easy it is to throw the party of the year for their favorite kid!

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