Planet Crafts and Games for Your Next Space Party

Planet Crafts and Games for Your Next Space Party

Planet Crafts and Games for Your Next Space Party

Ready for an out of this world celebration your kids (and you) will enjoy? Try these space-themed and planet crafts and games for your next party! Try these planet crafts, space games, and solar system decor and food ideas to make your party a hit!

Planet Crafts

One of the simplest planet crafts is just making your own solar system. First, grab some foam balls and paint to decorate and make the eight planets of the solar system. Solar system kits also make it easy to set up your awesome planet craft! Let all the kids have their own planet to decorate. Of course, these planet crafts aren't just for science fairs. They are also a perfect outer space crafts for your next space party!

Another planet craft your kids will enjoy is about saving the planet with a space twist. Use recyclable materials to have kids create their own aliens. Anything around the house from egg cartons to newspaper to plastic bottles can be the inspiration for alien or planet crafts!

Space Games

Along with planet crafts, try these space games for your next party!

Outer Space Trivia Game

This Outer Space Trivia Escape Room is a unique mixture of trivia, codes, ciphers, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, and also puzzles! First, set up your home or classroom to get ready for a solar system or space game that every kid will love. Of course, this printable party game is a great way to entertain the young ones by testing their trivia knowledge or hosting a kids' birthday party.

To play the Outer Space Trivia game, just print all the materials and then play! Next, kids work through five challenges. Each challenge has 5 space themed trivia questions and a puzzle decoder. After answering the space questions for each challenge, players use the decoder to figure out the lock codes. Each puzzle gets a little more difficult, but the answer bank has multiple choice to make it accessible for all of your space party goers!

This Outer Space Trivia Escape Room comes with the following:

  • PDF game guide
  • 25 Trivia questions
  • 5 Challenges
  • 5 Decoders
  • Game Host instructions
  • Answer key
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Completion signs for photos
  • Coupon code for future purchases

Use this outer space trivia game for birthday parties, classroom parties, sleepovers, and more!

Space Race Escape Room

Another perfect space game is the space race escape room! To play, your space explorers visit 10 stations with puzzles to solve. Players record answers on the provided recording sheet. The escape room also comes with hint cards to help with the tricky answers! In addition, some puzzles require decoders, which are included and labeled. Morse code, ciphers, sudoku, and more puzzles make this space race escape room a favorite for alien games at a perfect planet and space themed party!

Alien Encounter Escape Room

No matter which planet crafts or games you choose from this list, your party-goers are going to have a blast! However, this escape room is my personal favorite to include even out-of-town guests. This is a digital escape room that can be played in person or also via Zoom.

To begin play, share the story of the alien encounter escape room. Party-goers are elite members of Space Force – Sector 3. Their mission? It's time to stop alien invasions from unknown terrestrial planets. The planet Elramador is prepared to take over Earth with other alien planet alliances. Can your astronauts stop it in time?

This game is played on one website, and is so easy for all ages! There's no need to subscribe or log onto a specific platform. Simply work through the digital escape room game, earning“keys” to determine the final 8-digit code. There are 10 puzzles perfect for family game night, a space birthday party, or a complement to fun planet crafts! Overall, puzzles range from ciphers and color codes, to directional locks, word scrambles, and jigsaw puzzles.

Between planet crafts and space games, your party will be out of this world!

Solar System Decor

Next, use your planet crafts to decorate your party with solar system decor! In addition, add some space balloons to the mix to make sure your party is ready to blast off.

Also, make sure to use the fun signs and printables with the space games to up your solar system decor. The signs are provided with the packs to make your space decor easy to implement at your party.

Out of This World Food

Finally, make your space menu. Why not eat what the astronauts eat? Try some freeze dried ice cream as a side to a space themed cake. Make your own cake or buy an affordable plain cake from the store and top with the cutest planets, astronauts, and other space decorations!

What about lunch? It’s fascinating to contemplate what sorts of dishes aliens might enjoy. Some of the most popular recipes on Earth are based on things that extraterrestrials may eat. Why not make mini pizzas, and let your party-goers top them with ingredients that aliens might like? Pineapple, anchovies, or also pepperoni are some alien inspired toppings. Also, it's a fun and creative activity that can work perfectly with your space games and planet crafts!

Overall, these space games and also planet crafts are a perfect excuse for your family to enjoy a space-themed get-together, out of this world classroom party, or even astronaut birthday party. Try these particular space games and planet crafts, as well as space-themed decor and food, to make your next party the best one ever!

Planet Crafts and Games for Your Next Space Party

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