Trivia Games for your next party

Trivia games for your next party

Kids of any age get excited about trivia! Try these fun trivia games at your next party. Also, be sure to have plenty of snacks and cool decorations on hand. 

Trivia Escape Rooms

Trivia questions are some of my favorite games to play at parties, and trivia escape rooms are no exception!

What is a trivia escape room?

A trivia escape room is one of my favorite party activities. It’s the perfect combination of escape room puzzles and trivia questions!

First, simply print and play. Next, set up the trivia escape like a scavenger hunt and hide the “challenges” and “decoders” around the house. However, to make it easier for younger gamers, you can lay them all out. Kids work through five challenges with trivia questions and a puzzle decoder to determine lock codes.

Not all answers are common knowledge, but your party attendees have an answer bank to help them out.

Here are some of my favorite trivia escape rooms to play with kids!

Animals Trivia Escape

Kids of all ages love animals, so this is one of most popular games! Add some fun with some animal balloons as a craft and decoration! You could even consider bringing in some animals or letting your pets join in on the fun.

Specific animal-themed games include reptiles trivia escape or dogs trivia escape. Even insects trivia escape games are a blast for kids who love all things animals and nature!

Sports Trivia Escape

Of course, so many people love attending sports parties. This trivia escape game is perfect for parties for children’s sports teams or even a fun game after watching a football, basketball, or baseball game on TV. Think March Madness, World Series, or a bowl game after party. Your sports trivia day isn’t complete without good food! Some of my favorite sports meals are pizza, burgers, and fried chicken. Throw in some popcorn and pretzels for some yummy sports snacks.

Also, try the football trivia escape, baseball trivia escape, or basketball trivia escape for your favorite sports related party games!

Academic Trivia Escapes

Even if you aren’t throwing a trivia escape party at home, consider using some trivia games for school parties or extra enrichment and your homeschool or classroom! Here are a few of my favorite trivia escapes that reinforce academic concepts and make learning fun.

First, social studies, history or geography games are a blast to review all things United States or even around the world. Try some of these games at home or school for all things history and social studies.

Next, science trivia games are an absolute blast! Have fun with science trivia questions in your classroom or home. Whether it’s weather, chemistry, or general science, these are a few of my favorite trivia escapes for science.

Holiday Trivia Escapes

If you have holiday parties for your kids at home or school, trivia escapes are an easy print and go game that keep everyone engaged. Try these fun holiday themed trivia escapes with holiday-related trivia questions at your next party.

Mardi Gras Trivia Escape

Have some fun with a family-friendly Mardi Gras themed party. Add some beads and decorations for a lot of laughs and trivia.

St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Escape

Make sure everyone wears green to this St. Patrick’s Day trivia event.

Easter Trivia Escape

After the egg hunt, fill everyone’s basket with a trivia escape perfect for Easter!

Earth Day Trivia Escape

This is not a recycled game! Have a fresh idea for Earth Day with a themed escape.

July 4th Trivia Escape

Here come the fireworks for a 4th of July trivia game everyone will love.

Halloween Trivia Escape

Trick or treat! This trivia game for Halloween is sure to be a treat for all.

Thanksgiving Trivia Escape

I am thankful for trivia escape rooms! Try this one at your Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving party.

Christmas or Hanukkah Trivia Escapes

Tis the season. These Christmas or Hanukkah themed escape rooms are fan favorites.

Of course, I love playing games at holiday parties! Add in some delicious food to go with your holiday theme. Many guests like to make it a family event and let kids and adults play and bring a favorite dish to share.

These trivia questions and games are sure to be a hit at your next game night or party! What trivia escape will you play first?

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