Valentine's Day Games for Kids

Valentine’s Day Games for Kids

Valentine's Day Games for Kids

Are you looking to plan your next Valentine’s Day party for your kids? It doesn’t have to take you hours to create games and decorate for this loving holiday. Here are some great ideas to get you started with Valentine’s Day decor, games, crafts, and treats.

Valentine’s Day Decorations

First, you can never go wrong with hearts and flowers when it comes to Valentine’s Day decorations. Grab some beautiful roses from the florists for authentic Valentine’s Day decorations. Also, pink, red, and white are always popular colors for this holiday. You can find all sorts of Valentine’s Day decorations at your local party store or online.

Heart garland gives a festive touch to your Valentine’s Day decor. Also, photo backdrops make for perfect Valentine’s Day party photo shoots. Add some adorable Valentine’s Day glasses for photo props for the best party decor ever!

Valentine’s Day Games

Escape rooms are my go-to for holiday parties. Why? Because they are so easy to set-up and fun for all ages! First, try a Valentine’s Day trivia escape room with five challenges with five questions each. The trivia questions are difficult enough to hold the attention of kids but also solvable for all ages. Break the codes, solve the puzzles and have a blast while learning more about Valentine’s Day.

Another Valentine’s Day escape room has 10 stations with puzzles for your little cupids to solve. Perfect for ages eight and up, younger kids can partner up, and adults will have fun too!

Last but not least, go crazy with more fun Valentine's Day puzzles. These six stations help party goers learn 18 Valentine's Day facts with six different types of puzzles and tons of Valentine's Day fun!

Overall, just print and go for about an hour of fun with each Valentine’s Day escape.

Valentine’s Day Crafts

One of the best things about Valentine’s Day crafts is that they are usually pretty simple. Here are some easy and fun Valentine’s Day craft ideas to get you started.

Paper Plate Hearts

All you need is some construction paper, scissors, and a paper plate. Draw a heart on the paper plate and then cut it out. Then, trace the heart onto construction paper and cut that out too. Once you have your two hearts, glue them together, and you have a paper plate heart!

Heart Sun Catchers

For this craft, you will need some clear contact paper, scissors, and Valentines Day confetti. Draw a heart shape on the contact paper and then cut it out. Once you have your heart shape, add some confetti to one side of the heart. Then, place another piece of contact paper on top and press down. Cut out another heart shape and you have a finished sun catcher! Hang it on a window and see the beautiful shapes and colors through the sunlight.

Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

What would Valentine’s Day be without some homemade cards? This is a great craft for kids of all ages. All you need is some construction paper, scissors, and crayons. Fold the construction paper in half and then let your kids get creative! They can draw pictures, write messages, or even add some glitter to their cards. Exchange cards at the party, or have kids take them home to parents or other loved ones.

Valentine’s Day Treats

What would a Valentine’s Day party be without some delicious treats? Chocolate covered strawberries are always a hit, or you could try making some Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes or cookies. For a healthier option, cut up some fruit and dip it in chocolate or yogurt.

If you want a little throwback Valentine’s Day treat, grab some Valentine’s Day conversation hearts. Those little messages always make for a fun reading activity combined with a sweet treat.

Your Valentine’s Day games for kids will be a success, especially when you add in Valentine’s Day decorations, crafts, and delicious food! What Valentine’s Day fun do you have planned for your party?

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