How to Throw a Video Gaming Party

How to throw a video gaming theme party for kids

How to Throw a Video Gaming Party

If you have gamers at home or in your classroom, they may prefer to play video games more than anything else! Your first instinct might be to throw a video gaming party with constant screen time and video game competitions. However, the perfect video gaming party includes on and off-screen games, crafts, and food. Learn how to throw a video gaming party at home!

Video Game Party Games

Your video gaming party isn't all about playing video games! These puzzle games incorporate critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Even at a video game birthday party, your kids will enjoy these games that get their brains and bodies moving!

Video Game Murder Mystery 

First, this detective mystery game is appropriate for ages 8 and up. There isn't actual murder involved in the story, but it works like a murder mystery game where your kids get puzzle clues and decode answers in order to eliminate suspects. This video game-themed mystery game also has a combination of scavenger hunts, escape rooms, puzzles, and clues!

Whether or not this game is the center of your gaming party, use the props to guide the decor. This video game murder mystery is a fun game for your video gaming party!

Try the case of the missing video games or the case of the video game vandal!

Trapped in a Video Game Virtual Escape Room

Another fun game is the virtual reality printable or virtual escape room. Your kids will try to escape and pass their favorite game, The Dragon's Lair, in this exciting virtual escape room. The story has your kids trapped as hologram characters in the game, fighting fire-breathing dragons and solving puzzles to finally escape!

Of course, this digital game can be played in person with your video gamers or online for a virtual celebration. Your kids will go through the digital escape room and earn keys. These keys help them determine the final 9-digital code to solve the game. There are 11 puzzles including ciphers, color codes, directional locks, memory match, word scrambles, and jigsaw puzzles!

In addition, the Trapped in a Video Game escape room is also available as a printable version if you want your party-goers to play off-screen!

Video Games Trivia Escape Room

What's more fun for video gamers? Video game trivia! This escape room has 5 challenges with 5 questions each. Decode the multiple choice answers all about video games! Who will be the video game trivia winner?

Video Game Crafts

Another way to complete your gaming party is with crafts! Video game-themed crafts are perfect off-screen activities for your gaming party. Try these fun video game crafts with your party attendees.

3D Paper Super Mario

One of the most popular video game franchises of all time is Mario. There are plenty of possibilities for Mario-themed crafts. One easy option is to make a 3D paper Mario. You will need some basic supplies including paper, scissors, and glue.

Start by folding a piece of paper in half, then fold it in half again. Next, cut out two identical triangles from the folded paper. These will be the body and head of Mario. Then, cut out a smaller triangle for the hat. Next, glue the hat on top of the head, then glue the body to the bottom of the hat. Finally, use scissors to cut out small circles from black paper to create eyes and a mouth and glue.  You may also choose to paint the eyes and mouth with a black marker. Making a 3D Paper Mario is a fun and easy project for kids at your video gaming party.

Video Game Character Artwork

Of course, your kids probably have their own favorite video game character! Grab some small canvases and paint, and let them create! Use online images or video game covers for inspiration, or let your gamers design their own gaming characters. Finally, share their final artwork pieces in a gallery walk at the end of the party.

Video Gaming Party Food

Everyone loves Pez! Hand out a party favor and party snack in the form of Super Mario-themed Pez dispensers. These collectibles are fun and gamer favorites.

Video gamer party food is simple. Simply grab some pizzas, load up the popcorn, and add juice or water to reusable video game pouches!

Overall, enjoy these simple eats and treats for your video gaming party!

Video Game Party Decor

Your gaming party decor can be so easy! Use colored paper plates, cups, and streamers in your favorite video game colors. For example, grab some Minecraft green plates and brown and green streamers. In addition, you can also buy or make party favors like noisemakers, stickers, or temporary tattoos that feature your favorite characters.

For a more elaborate party, set up a gaming area with a TV or projector and all the necessary consoles or games. Decorate with posters, flags, and other memorabilia from your favorite games. Finally, get ready to party with this awesome video game decor!

Your next video gaming party doesn't have to revolve around a screen. Get ready with the virtual reality printable, video game escape room, video gaming party food, gamer crafts, and lots of cool decorations! It's a perfect gaming party!

Video Game theme party for kids

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