Logic Puzzle Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids - Party Game - Pet Names - Mystery Clues - Printable - Family Game Night - Codes and Ciphers

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Win the parent of the year award with a Pet Names Logic Puzzle Scavenger Hunt Activity for kids (and adults too)! The printable logic puzzle game is a winning combination of codes, ciphers, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, and logic grid clues! Transform your house into an unforgettable code-breaking adventure for kids! This escape room style game is a great way to entertain the kids, host a birthday party, or host a fun party game. Kids can decode the mystery puzzles alone or with a large group.

Looking for a unique way to entertain the kids or teenagers over the summer? Need a ready to print party game or gift to save the day? Thinking of a kid friendly mystery logic game for family game night? Seeking a fun scavenger hunt for the kids to do on a rainy day? Looking for escape room style puzzles? Maybe you’re hosting a sleepover and are looking for last-minute plans…I’ve got you covered!

You can set the activity up as a scavenger hunt and hide the clues around the house or lay everything out on the kitchen table. The choice is yours! Kids will seek out puzzle clues and decode the answers to help them solve the logic grid. The best part…it’s print and go! The only thing you have to do is hide the puzzles! The harder the puzzle clues are to find, the more fun the kids have!

Please note: Prior knowledge of how logic puzzles work is super useful but not necessary. Quick start instructions to use logic grids and part of a sample puzzle are included.

🔎 PDF game guide (8.5 x 11)
🔎 10 puzzle clues
🔎 1 Logic puzzle grid
🔎 Answer recording sheet
🔎 Hint cards for the puzzles
🔎 Set up instructions
🔎 Frequently asked questions
🔎 Coupon code for future purchases

🧩 Gameplay: 30+ minutes (depending on age and group numbers)
🧩 Ages: 8+ (younger kids can play with the help of an adult or older kid)
🧩 Number of players: As many as you want!

☑️ Birthdays
☑️ Rainy day activities
☑️ Holiday parties
☑️ Getting “off-screen” time
☑️ Sleepovers
☑️ Family games
☑️ Gift ideas

Everything you need for your printable kids logic puzzle game is included in your download. The digital download will be in your email within minutes after purchase!

***No physical item will be shipped*** ***Personal Use Only***

How long does this activity take to complete?
It really depends on a lot of things. Estimated completion time is 30+ minutes but it’s based on the kids’ puzzle skills, how hard the puzzle is to find, age and logic puzzle experience. Younger kids may need help with decoding the puzzles. We recommend ages 8+.

How many kids can play at once?
Kids can play individually, with friends, or in large groups. There really is no limit to the number of players. 

What if the kids get stuck on one of the puzzles?
First off, let them think for a bit! Please do not show them the hint cards right away. This is where critical thinking skills come in. There are 5 types of puzzles, each one being used twice. If they get stuck, hint cards have been included to guide them and provide examples. This is meant to be a challenge!

Where do kids start?
Kids can complete the puzzles in ANY order! They may also begin in any location of your house. If necessary, go over the sample puzzle and “how to” sheet so they understand what a logic grid is.

How do kids know if their answers are correct?
There is an answer key provided in the PDF. A recording sheet is included but if they need more room to jot down clues, any scratch paper will do.

How do I set up the Logic Hunt?
To set up the Logic Hunt, you simply need to print, hang, and play! It’s that easy! Everything you need is included in your download. You don’t need any locks, envelopes, or special equipment. To extend the game experience, you can hide the puzzle cards around the house or room like a scavenger hunt. Fun hiding spots: under the coffee table, behind a door, hanging on shower wall, in a dresser, etc. The harder they are to find, the more fun the kids have! If you prefer to just spread the clues out on the kitchen table, that works too!

Do I need locks, envelopes, or special equipment?
NOT AT ALL! This was created to make your life easier! Perfect for last-minute party planners! There are no fancy envelopes to stuff or odd shapes to cut out. All you will need to do is to print these documents, hide them, and begin!

How are Think Tank puzzle games different than others?
First of all, ours are UNIQUE! You won’t find any others like it. Secondly, what sets us apart is the element of PUZZLE decoding! This is not your ordinary logic puzzle! Other products simply give clues, there’s no “solving” or “decoding”. We think our puzzles add an extra layer of fun for all! It also ensures the game lasts a little longer, so you feel confident in your purchase.

Do I have to print out the game materials for every single kid?
Nope, not at all! Unlike other games, ours is the ONLY ONE where you only have to print out the answer sheet for each kid or group. Just one set of the Game Puzzles is all you need!

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