Pirate Theme Treasure Hunt for Kids - Printable Puzzle Game - Indoor Scavenger Hunt - Birthday Hunt Clues - Kids Puzzles - Family Game Night

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The Pirate Theme Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Game for kids is a winning combination of treasure hunt clues, riddles, and escape game puzzles! Transform your house into an unforgettable scavenger hunt adventure for kids! This printable treasure hunt game is a great way to entertain the kids, give a birthday gift, or host a fun party game.

Looking for a unique way to give a birthday gift? Thinking of a kid friendly scavenger hunt to find a present or gift or a unique activity for family game night? Seeking a fun treasure hunt for the kids to do on a rainy day? Looking for escape game puzzles? Bring the fun indoors!

A “secret mission” is read, and Clue # 1 is handed to the “treasure seeker” which leads to clue 2 in a different location. This party printable treasure hunt game has two rounds. Round 1: Kids will read 14 riddles which will reveal the location of their next clue. After finding each clue, they will need to decode a puzzle which will reveal “movement” on the treasure map. Round 2: Using the decoded answers from the puzzles, kids will move the “directions” on the treasure map to figure out where their final prize will be hidden. Example: They may decode “NORTH THREE” and need to move three squares north on their map. Kids will need to know BASIC addition and subtraction of numbers 1-10. A clue may read “West 3+2.”

All you have to do is print the clues and hide them! The list of hiding spots can be found inside your download. The final prize is up to you! Maybe it’s a birthday gift, a basket of candy, party favors, or a hand-written letter about your next vacation. The possibilities are endless as to what you choose to hide in the final location.

🔎 PDF game guide (8.5 x 11)
🔎 14 Scavenger hunt riddles and puzzles
🔎 Treasure map
🔎 Set up instructions with hiding spots
🔎 Frequently asked questions
🔎 Coupon code for future purchases

☑️ Birthdays or party games
☑️ Rainy day activities
☑️ Holiday gift giving
☑️ Getting “off-screen” time
☑️ Sharing big news
☑️ Family games

🧩 Location: Indoors
🧩 Number of Players: 1-5 working as a team
🧩 Age: Players under 7 years old may need assistance but this is a game for all the family, old and young

Everything you need for your printable kids game is included in your download. The digital download will be in your email within minutes after purchase!

***No physical item will be shipped*** ***Personal Use Only***

How long does this activity take to complete?
It really depends on a lot of things. Estimated completion time is based on the kids’ riddle and puzzle skills, how hard the item is to find in the house and age. Younger kids may need help with decoding the puzzles. We recommend ages 8+. Although below age 8 can certainly have fun and search for clues.

How many kids can play at once?
Kids can play individually, with friends, or with their siblings. For a larger group of 6+, you’ll need to hide multiple copies of each clue.

How do I set up the Scavenger Hunt?
To set up the Scavenger Hunt, you will need to cut the clue cards in half and hide them in the appropriate location. The PDF includes the correct hiding spots for each clue and detailed directions. All hiding spots are common places such as under the bed, bathroom sink or in a closet. The harder the clues are to find, the more fun the kids have!

What if the kids get stuck on one of the puzzles?
First off, let them think for a bit! This is where critical thinking skills come in. There are 4 types of puzzles. If they get stuck, hint cards have been included to guide them and provide examples. This is meant to be a challenge for the brain, but not too challenging for kids to complete!

Where do kids start?
You may begin in any location of your house. You will start by handing the kids the “Clue 1” and reading the secret mission.

How do kids know if their answers are correct?
There is an answer key provided in the PDF. The answers are provided for the riddle locations, the decoded puzzles, and the treasure map.

How are Think Tank Scavenger Hunts different than other scavenger hunts?
Our scavenger hunts are unlike any others! What sets us apart is the element of PUZZLE decoding! Other products simply display a location or riddle, there’s no “solving” or “decoding”. We think our puzzles and treasure map add an extra layer of fun for all! It also ensures the game lasts a little longer, so you feel confident in your purchase.

Why do kids need to know basic addition and subtraction?
Some of the answers decoded will use simple math (numbers 1-10) to determine how may squares to move on their treasure map. Ex: Head WEST 4+1.

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