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Impress your kids with a Virtual Birthday Blast Escape Room for kids (and adults too)! The DIGITAL Birthday puzzle game is a winning combination of codes and ciphers! A DIGITAL escape room game is a fantastic way to entertain the kids, host a birthday party, or challenge friends and family to a game on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype or any other screen sharing app. You can also project the game to your TV. 

Play the online Birthday escape room to connect with friends or family. The digital breakout can be completed individually, with partners or in teams (near or far). The whole activity is housed on ONE website making this a cinch to share and play!

As kids progress through the digital escape room game, they will earn “keys” to determine the final 8-digit code. No login to any platform needed! With 10 puzzles to work through (varying in difficulty), this virtual escape room is ideal for family game night as well as at a distance with Zoom. Puzzles range from ciphers and color codes, to directional locks, word scrambles, and jigsaw puzzles.

Watch a DEMO escape room here:
Test the link HERE: (A 404 Error means a firewall has blocked the site)

Looking for a unique way to entertain the kids or teenagers? Stuck inside on a rainy day? Looking for the perfect computer based game for ZOOM? Maybe you’re hosting a sleepover and are looking for last-minute plans…I’ve got you covered! Teachers, this is the perfect team building and critical thinking activity for your classroom.

No PREP required, NO PROPS required, NO SETUP required, and NO LOCKS required!

Set a timer for 60 minutes and let the fun begin! A game host is NOT NEEDED TO PLAY but we do recommend one person to preview the puzzles first, so they understand how they work in case someone gets “stuck”.

Rather use the printable version? Grab it here

🔎 PDF game guide with game link
🔎 Frequently asked questions
🔎 Coupon code for future purchases
🔎 Puzzle help and answers
🔎 Tech tips for video sharing platforms like ZOOM

🧩 Gameplay: 45+ minutes (depending on age and group numbers)
🧩 Ages: 8+ (younger kids can play with the help of an adult or older kid)
🧩 Number of players: As many as you want!
🧩 No printing required

🔓  Set up 🔓
You’ll need a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. If you are playing with someone, you’ll need a way to share the link and chat with your teammates (if they're in a different location). No set-up required, the game comes ready to play!

🔓 Play on the big screen TV 🔓
Just load the game to your computer and mirror the screen to your device (tech tips included).

🔓 The Backstory 🔓
Calling all agents-in-training! The candles for the birthday cake have mysteriously morphed into mini bombs. Your target this mission is the suspect who stole the candles and planted the bombs. Should you choose to accept this mission, first, you must diffuse the bombs. Next, use the ciphers, puzzles, and decoders to solve the mystery to find the suspect. Use your tools to send and receive messages to other agents as needed. Call the Special Agents In Charge when you are ready to apprehend the suspect. Be safe and be smart! This message will self-destruct in 30 seconds.

☑️ Zoom games
☑️ Birthdays
☑️ Rainy day activities
☑️ Holiday parties
☑️ Sleepovers
☑️ Family games
☑️ Dinner party

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How do virtual escape rooms work?
All you need to do is share or open the link, it’s THAT easy! This digital escape room has kids working through 10 challenges. Correct answers will generate a “key.” Should they get the puzzle answer wrong, they can guess again and again. They will NOT be able to move onto until the puzzle is decoded successfully. Pen and paper should be on hand to jot down clues.

What do I need to access the digital game?
You need access to the internet and technology devices (Chromebooks, iPads, desktops or laptops). Google accounts are NOT needed! (no e-mail addresses are required) We do not recommend cell phones because the fonts become too small and the draggable elements may become difficult to navigate.

How long does this activity take to complete?
It really depends on a lot of things. Estimated completion time is 45+ minutes but it’s based on the kids’ puzzle skills, team size, and age. Younger kids may need help with decoding the puzzles. We recommend ages 8+.

How many kids can play at once?
Kids can play individually, with friends, or in large groups (near and far). There really is no limit to the number of players. 

What if the kids get stuck on one of the puzzles?
First off, let them think for a bit! This is where critical thinking skills come in. If kids get “stuck,” pop up hint cards have been included to guide them and provide examples. This is meant to be a challenge! The “hints” will NOT appear until 2 minutes have passed, this gives them time to really think about the puzzle.

IMPORTANT: To make this more of a challenge, directions for each puzzle are NOT included on the screen, but I promise kids can figure it out! This is the FUN part, watching kids think and getting that “AHA” moment! You can find out “how” to do the puzzles on the answer page in case you need to offer hints.

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