Perfect Escape Rooms for Every Party

Perfect escape rooms for every kids party

Escape rooms are all the rage, but you don’t have to spend a pretty penny or go out to participate in one. Try a fun escape room at home, perfect for ages 8 and up. Younger kids play too with a little help. Here are some perfect escape rooms for every party, whether you’re in person or at home.

Virtual Escape Rooms

If you’re playing it safe and staying home or have friends and family all over the country and the world, why not try a virtual escape room?

Virtual escape rooms are also awesome for homeschool families or online teachers. Here’s how the virtual escape rooms work.

First, the digital breakout can be completed individually, with partners or in teams no matter where they’re at. Of course, All that is needed is an internet enabled device. The game is played on one website and can be used with any chat or video service. If this link works on your device, the game will work for you!

As your party attendees work through the digital escape room game, they will earn “keys” to figure out the final 9-digit code. There are 11 puzzles to work through from ciphers and color codes, to directional locks, memory match, word scrambles, and jigsaw puzzles.

Try out some of my favorite virtual escape rooms with your family, friends, or virtual students:

You’ll get everything you need for the virtual escape room in your download:

  • PDF game guide with URL game link
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Coupon code for future purchases
  • Puzzle help and answers
  • Tech tips for video sharing platforms like ZOOM

I still can’t believe how easy it is to play and share a virtual escape room around the world!

Escape Rooms at Home

In person escape rooms are also so easy and fun! With 100+ escape rooms to choose from, you could host a party (or more) every week and never get bored!

In physical escape rooms, kids visit 10 stations and solve a puzzle at each one. They also get ‘Hint Cards’ to help solve a puzzle. Of course, puzzles come with labeled decoders as needed to help. Finally, the PDF digital downloads are instant, making this a no prep game.

Here are a favorite escape room themes for your next party:

Beach Days Escape Room

Whether it’s December in the Midwest or summer on the coast, a beach days escape room is a win in any season. First, decorate with beach umbrellas while playing some beachy background music. Next, serve ice cream sundaes and popsicles. Finally, have a dress code of appropriate beach wear and flip flops. All the decor and good eats is completed with the perfect beach days escape rooms.

Art Heist Escape Room

Stolen paintings are no problem for your crime solvers. In this escape room, your kids solve an art heist mystery. This is perfectly paired with art activities. Before the escape room begins, have kids create their own paintings then host an art gallery opening to display their masterpieces. Overall, this is the perfect backdrop for your art heist escape room!

Camping Trip Escape Room

First, set up tents in the living room (or even in the backyard for older kids or supervised littles). Then, let the games begin! Make a mini camping trip and culminate with this camping trip escape room. This is also a fun game to play when you need another activity on a real camping trip. It’s perfect for indoor rainy cabin days!

Snow Days Escape Room

School is cancelled due to snow! Before you panic thinking the kids have nothing to do, break out the snow days escape room! Of course, this escape room pairs well with hot cocoa and toasty socks. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a snow day.

Wizard School Escape Room

I know so many kids are fans of all things wizard. Kids make their own magic wands ,and choose their house before entering wizard school and this fascinating escape room.

Of course, just like the virtual rooms, these printable escape rooms come with everything you need.

  • PDF game guide
  • PDF game materials
  • Set up instructions
  • Signs to hold up
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Coupon code for future purchases

Finally, games can be played in small groups, alone, or with partners. This includes virtual and also printable escape rooms. I love these escape rooms, and I know you will too! Overall, try any virtual or printable escape rooms for your next party online or in-person!


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