How to Throw a Murder Mystery Party for Kids

How to Throw a Murder Mystery Party for Kids

How to throw a murder mystery party for kids

Kids love a good murder mystery party, and with a bit of planning, you can make your own party that's just as exciting. From secret agent decor and food to murder mystery games and crafts, your murder mystery party will be to die for! Of course, these murder mystery party tips are safe and appropriate for even the youngest detectives or secret agents!

Secret Agent Decorations

Throwing a murder mystery party is not just about the mystery itself! In fact, secret agent-themed decorations are necessary to bring the party together. Start with some crime scene tape to set the scene.



Of course, decorating the house or room to look like a spy headquarters can be a lot of fun. First, hang streamers in black and white or red and black from the ceiling. Next, put up posters of famous spies or wanted criminals. Add some wanted posters and mug shot backdrops for the perfect photo opps for your murder mystery party.

Finally, all the murder mystery games also come with printable props and signs to make it feel like a real-life crime scene. Set up your party with the best secret agent decorations!

Murder Mystery Party Food

Of course, murder mystery parties are all the rage these days. If you're planning on hosting a murder mystery party for kids, the first thing you need is food! First, make some devil's food cake or pick up an angel food cake to show the guilt or innocence of suspects in your murder mystery party. What a perfect treat for a secret agent, detective party!

Next, enjoy some candy eyeballs and mini candy bones to make the murder mystery party tasty and a little scary! No matter what is on the menu, make sure it's a little mysterious!

Murder Mystery Games

Murder Mystery games may sound a little too adult for a kids' party, but don't worry! There isn't any murder involved! In addition, there are so many fun, spy games to play at your next murder mystery party.

Each murder mystery combines puzzles, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, and clues. The lead detectives (aka your partygoers) solve the crime in an hour or less. Make it a competition or have them all work together as a team. Overall, these murder mystery party games are so much fun for all ages!

Set up for the murder mystery games is so simple! Unlike some complicated games and escape rooms, you do not need any locks or special equipment. I love playing the murder mystery party games like a scavenger hunt! Here's how it works. First, hide the six types of puzzle cards around the party for your spies to find. Next, let them go hunting for the first clue. Once they find a clue, they'll hunt for the next! There are six puzzles used three times each. Your kids will love playing and solving the murder mystery!

These awesome party games also include everything you need in an instant download!

  • PDF game guide (8.5 x 11)
  • 18 puzzles clues
  • Case file recording sheet
  • Set up instructions 
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Party props and signs

Of course, you'll even get a coupon code for future purchases! 

Whether you are checking out the case of the puppy prints, the missing video games, or more than 30 other murder mystery party games, you and your kids will have a blast with these fun spy games! Which murder mystery party game will you try first?

Secret Agent Crafts

Finally, one of the best ways to throw a murder mystery party for kids is to incorporate some fun and creative secret agent crafts. This can include making your own top-secret spy gear!

To make your own top-secret spy gear, you'll need some simple supplies like cardboard tubes, aluminum foil, markers, and tape. With these supplies, you can make binoculars, periscopes, listening devices, and more. Of course, you and your party goers can be creative with these fun crafts. Be sure to test your gear before the party to know it works!

Throw a murder mystery party for your favorite secret agents and detectives! Hosting a murder mystery party for kids can be a fun and unique way to entertain them. By following the tips in this article, you can create an event that is both enjoyable and challenging for your guests. With a little planning and creativity, your murder mystery party will be a hit with everyone involved.

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