Wizard Games and More for Your Wizard-Themed Party

Wizard games for kids birthday party ideas

Wizard Games, Unicorns, Castles and More for Your Wizard-Themed Party

If you're looking for wizard-themed party ideas, these wizard games, decorations, food, and crafts are the way to go. There are plenty of ideas out there for decorating your home with wizards and unicorns. First, make sure to stock up on snacks and drinks so everyone has something to munch on while watching magic tricks or playing wizard games. Next, get some supplies for some castle crafts. Finally, make sure your wizard games have the perfect backdrop with unicorn decor.  Here are some ideas for wizard games and other party ideas!

Wizard Games

Wizard Treasure Hunt

Print and hide 14 wizard-themed riddles for a treasure hunt that your kids will love! Here's how it works:

First, read a secret mission, and hand the first clue to the treasure seeker. The first clue leads to clue #2 in another location at the party. Next, move on to the next clue and repeat! 

The treasure hunt has two rounds. In Round 1, party-goers read 14 riddles that reveal the location of their next clue. After finding each clue, they will need to decode a puzzle that reveals “movement” on the treasure map.

In the second round, kids use the decoded answers from the puzzles and move the “directions” on the treasure map to figure out where their final prize will be hidden. If they decode “SOUTH TWO”, they will move two squares down on the map. Of course, knowing basic math operations is important in this game.

Escape Rooms

Every party with an escape room is a hit, and these are no exception! First, try the wizard school escape room. Kids solve 10 puzzles with ciphers, rebus, cryptograms, and more! Hint cards help your little wizards solve the puzzles and move on to the next. The escape room comes with everything you need to print and go!

  • PDF game guide and game materials
  • Set up instructions
  • Signs to hold up
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Coupon code for future purchases

Other mystical, magical escape rooms include the unicorn escape room, glowing castle escape room, and gnome way escape room. These are all perfect complements to your wizard games!

Trivia Wizard Games

I can't help it! I love trivia games. What's better than trivia wizard games? This trivia escape room is different from a regular escape room. There are five challenges with five trivia questions each about famous wizards. The questions have your party-goers use decoding skills and critical thinking to solve and win. Try a different kind of escape room for your wizard games.

Magical Party Food

What could be more fun than throwing a magical wizard party for your kids? And what could be easier than serving up some easy magical party food? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

First, for the main course, serve up some hot dogs or hamburgers in wizard hats made out of buns. You can also make broomstick sandwiches by using long pieces of bread as the "sticks" and filling them with your choice of meats, cheeses, and vegetables. Another easy option is to set out a variety of pizzas and let your guests build their own wizard pizzas.

For snacks, try serving up some magical popcorn balls or pumpkin seeds. You can also put out bowls of assorted fruits and vegetables, along with some dipping sauces for a healthier option. Also, no wizard party would be complete without some delicious unicorn cookies!

Castle Crafts

Castles have been around since the Middle Ages and are still popular today for kids' parties. There are many different ways to make castles using crafts materials. Try these castle crafts after your fun wizard games!

Cardboard Castles

Make a simple castle out of cardboard boxes. Cut the boxes into rectangles and triangles, then tape them together to form the walls and towers of the castle. You can use paint or markers to decorate it.

Paper Mache Castles

Make a paper mache castle. This is a bit more complicated, but it's worth it! Start by making a basic paper mache recipe using flour, water, and newspaper strips. Once it's dry, use this as your base for the castle. Draw or paint on details like towers and windows.

Unicorn Party Decor for Kids

To make your wizard-themed party even more magical, decorate with unicorns! Here are some simple ways to use unicorns in your mystical, magical party!

Unicorn piñata

Set up a unicorn piñata filled with candy and toys for your magical party-goers. Every kid loves a piñata!

Photo booth

Have a photo booth and have fun unicorn props like unicorn horns, rainbow tails, and sparkly eye masks for guests to dress up in. Add some wizard hats and magic wands to make it extra magical!

Overall, a wizard-themed party is a perfect way to celebrate all things magical. With unicorns and castles as part of the decor, your guests will feel like they have stepped into a world of enchantment. So be sure to follow these simple tips and throw a party that your kids will never forget!

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