Things to do at a sleep over

Things to do at a sleep over

There are lots of things that can be done at a sleepover for kids. From games to crafts and lots of snacks, here are some suggestions to make your next sleepover a success!

Escape Room Sleepover Games

First, one of my favorite things to do at a sleepover is play games. Your boys and girls will love to play escape room games at their next sleep over. Here are a few that they’ll all enjoy!

Movie Genie Escape Room

Also, one of the things to do at a sleep over is watch movies. Why not try a movie escape room? First, this movie genie has party goers solving 10 puzzles and recording their answers. First, hide the hints, and then let them play!

DJ Dance Party Escape Room

Of course, some other things to do at a sleep over is dance! Enjoy a DJ dance party with this fun escape room. It’s also so easy to get started. Just print and go. All ages love this dance party game. Also, add some music for even more fun.

Of course, every escape room comes with all you need to get started:

  • PDF game guide
  • PDF game materials
  • Set up instructions
  • Signs to hold up
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Coupon code for future purchases

Overall, escape rooms are one of the best things to do at a sleep over! 

Treasure Hunts

Need more things to do at a sleep over? Try a treasure hunt! Of course, each treasure hunt also has a fun theme. In addition, it also comes with everything you need to print and play. Here’s how it works!

First, a “secret mission” is read. Next, the treasure seeker finds clue #1, which leads to clue #2 in a different location.

To start, this treasure hunt consists of two rounds. First, in round 1, players read 14 riddles which will reveal the location of their next clue. After finding each clue, they will decode a puzzle which reveals “movement” on the treasure map. Next, in round 2, players use the decoded answers from the puzzles and move the “directions” on the treasure map to figure out where their final prize will be hidden.

Try some of these treasure hunts for things to do at a sleep over!

Finally, these sleepover games are one of the most fun things to do at a sleep over. 

Sleepover Crafts

Games at sleepovers are so much fun, but some other things to do at a sleep over are crafts. Have your party goers also try some easy to create crafts at their next sleepover. 

Sleepover Crafts for Boys

There are lots of great sleepover crafts for boys too! Overall, these are some of my favorites.

Car Crafts

Here are some car-themed crafts that would be perfect for a boy’s sleepover.

First, make race cars out of cardboard boxes. After making them, have your guests race to see who wins! Next, design personalized license plates for their actual bikes or cardboard cars. Finally, make miniature cars out of clay.

Sports Crafts

Sports are another big theme for boys. Here are some fun sports crafts for things to do at a sleep over for boys. First, design a team flag or banner. This is so much fun for team sleepovers! Next, paint water bottles to look like stadiums or also duct tape water bottles to look like soccer balls.

These sleep over crafts are wonderful activities for boys at your next sleep over.

Sleepover Crafts for Girls

What about some girl’s sleepover crafts? These are also some crafting ideas that are perfect things to do at a sleep over for girls.

Spa Crafts

What girl doesn’t love a good spa day? Here are some fun spa-themed crafts for things to do at a sleepover. First, design pedicure slippers. Use puffy paint or jewels with a hot glue gun for the cutest pedicure flip flops. Next, make homemade sugar scrub for a sleepover spa night. Finally, design spa robes to take home and use anytime!

Hair Bows for Girls

Of course, many girls love doing hair. First, create some bows for a fancy hairdo! Here are some great hair bow crafts for things to do at a sleepover for girls. First, design a headband. Plain white headbands are fun to create any design. Next, make a bow tie. Finally, let girls braid or curl their hair and add the bows. 

Overall, these crafts are so much fun for things to do at a sleep over for girls.

Sleepover Decorations

Of course, what's a party without decorations? Here are also some ideas for decorations for your next sleepover.


First, hang up some colorful balloons for a festive decoration. Next, write positive messages on the balloons with a permanent marker. If it’s a birthday sleepover, party goers can write messages for the birthday boy or girl!


Next, hang up a custom banner to welcome your guests. Of course, you can even design your own banner with your favorite colors and patterns.

Twinkle Lights

Finally, hang up some twinkle lights for a magical touch. As an alternative, put the lights in mason jars for a pretty decoration.

Sleepover Food

Overall, there are lots of great things to eat at a sleepover. Here are some of my favorite food ideas for things to do at a sleep over. 

First, make your own trail mix. Of course, be sure to check for allergies, especially to nuts! Also, make a sundae bar. Of course, everyone loves ice cream! Finally, for dinner, create individual pizzas with topping options.

Some easy sleepover snacks and meals also include pizza rolls, hot dogs, baked potatoes (with toppings), and of course, candy! Finally, add some cereal or donuts in the morning, and you have food for everyone.

Overall, there are so many fun things to do at a sleep over for boys and girls alike. Play some escape room or treasure hunt games, decorate and add some craft activities, and eat! Have a great sleepover!

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