How to Throw a Zombies Party

Printable Zombies Escape Room for Kids Party Game

How to Throw a Zombies Party

You don't need a reason to party, but if you're looking for one, Halloween is the perfect excuse to get your friends together and have some spooky fun. If you're a fan of The Walking Dead or just want an excuse to dress up and eat brain-shaped cakes, then a zombies party is the way to go. Check out these tips for decor, games, food, and crafts for your own zombies party for all ages!

Zombie Party Decorations

When it comes to decorations suited for zombies, think Halloween decor! First, to really set the mood, go for creepy and gory over cute and sparkly. Also, try dark colors, fake blood, and plenty of spiders and cobwebs. You can find zombie-themed decorations online, or even make your own!

Of course, climbing zombies are perfect for indoor or outdoor party decor. Zombie-themed balloons adoring your gory soiree will also set a spooky mood for a zombies party.

Zombies Games

Of course, keeping zombies games appropriate for all-ages may seem a bit challenging, but a zombie serum escape room definitely fits the bill for a zombies or halloween party. Zombie fans of all ages will search for puzzles and break codes with this zombie-themed escape room.

Printable Zombies Escape Room Party Game for Kids

The game takes about 30-60 minutes (depending on the ages and levels of the players), and requires no set-up!

Here's how it works! First, party-goers visit 10 stations and solve a puzzle at each one, recording their answer on the provided sheet. Each puzzle comes with a hint card and if needed, a decoder. I love using escape rooms because they are ready to use immediately! The instant download comes with ready-to-print and implement materials.

Absolutely everything you need is included in your download for this zombies game. Unlike many typical escape rooms, no special locks, envelopes or equipment are needed. Level it up by hiding the clues and puzzles to make it like a scavenger hunt!

Food for Zombies

No zombie party would be complete without some brain food. That is, food that looks like brains. Overall, there are lots of recipes out there for brain-shaped cakes and cupcakes, which would be perfect for dessert.

Try some brain candy or make your own brain desserts with a brain cake mold. For drinks for zombies, try blood bags or syringes. They are awesome for red-colored fruit punch!

Zombies Crafts

Whether you're looking for a ghoulish activity to do with the kids or want to add some spooky decor for your own zombie-themed party, these zombie crafts are perfect for any zombies party.

Zombie Terrarium

First, to make a zombie terrarium, start by finding a small glass container. Next, add some green moss and other small plants to create a spooky forest scene. Finally, add in your zombies! You can find small plastic toys or even make your own out of polymer clay. Just be sure to drill a small hole in the bottom of the container so water can drain out.

Paper Plate Zombies

For a more festive touch, try making these paper plate zombies. All you need is some paper plates, black construction paper, white school glue, and googly eyes. Cut the black paper into strips and glue them onto the paper plate to create the look of rotting flesh. Instant zombie!

No matter what you are planning for your zombies party, it's sure to be to die for with these zombie decorations, zombies escape room, brain food, and zombies crafts. Plan your easy zombie party around the zombie serum escape room, and let all your fellow zombie lovers dress the part! What is on your agenda for your zombies party?

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