Under the Sea Party Ideas for Kids

Under the Sea Crafts and Games for Kids Party

Under the Sea Party Ideas for Kids

Want to throw an amazing under the sea party? From mermaid crafts and games to under the sea themed decor and "sea food", your party goers are going to love this under the sea celebration! Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Under the Sea Crafts

Kids love creating, and these under the sea crafts make any aquatic-themed party go swimmingly. Check out these simple, affordable under the sea crafts for your party!

Sea Shell Crafts

First, if you're looking for a fun and easy under the sea craft for your party, consider creating a coral reef or seashell garden! Both projects start with some sea shells, which can be collected on the beach or bought online.

For the coral reef, your sea friends need to hot-glue the shells to a Styrofoam board in an interesting pattern. Once the glue is dry, paint the board in shades of blue and green.

Next, if they want to create a seashell garden, simply fill a container with sand and place the shells in it however you like. They can also add some fish or other decorations to make your garden look even more realistic.

Mermaid Craft

Mermaid crafts are also perfect for your under the sea party! One of the most popular mermaid crafts is a paper plate mermaid tail. This easy craft is for both young and old alike.

First, you will need some basic supplies including paper plates, scissors, markers, and tape for your party goers to create the tail. First, cut the bottom off of two paper plates so that they are roughly in the shape of a tail fin. Next, use a marker to draw scales on the tail fins. Finally, use tape to attach the fins to the back of your waistband. Now they're ready to dive into the deep blue sea!

Under the Sea Games

Under the Sea Escape Rooms

Mermaids don't just exist in summertime! Enjoy this arctic mermaid escape room game to get your seafarers excited about learning and having fun at their under the sea party! Learn about arctic animals and mermaids with this code breaking game.

This printable game is ready-to-go with everything you need for under the sea party fun!

First, kids visit 10 stations. At each station, they solve a puzzle. Next, your party goers record their answer on the recording sheet. For each station, ‘Hint Cards’ help kids solve a puzzle. Some puzzles require an included decoder. You'll get instant access to the arctic mermaid escape room game upon purchase, so this is a perfect last minute party idea!

Under the Sea Printable Escape Room for Kids

Another escape room for your under sea party is the under the sea escape room! This puzzle game works just like the mermaid game with a variety of puzzles and ciphers! Puzzles include: rebus, maze, cryptogram, locks, morse code, sudoku, and more!

Finally, the fabled sea escape room brings the mystical, magical under the sea world to life with a scavenger hunt like escape room.

These escape rooms are the perfect under the sea games for your party!

Under the Sea Food

What do mermaids eat? Well, seafood themed snacks of course! Depending on food allergies and the ages of your party goers, seafood may be just the right treat! Serve seafood snacks such as shrimp cocktail, crab cakes, and fish tacos. 

Consider serving fruit cocktail or goldfish crackers for snacks in seashells or fish bowls.

Finally, dessert is easy when you use blue frosting for cupcakes! Your cupcakes look like they are under the sea for a sugary, under the sea birthday treat. 

Under the Sea Party Decorations

Finally, there are many ways to decorate for an under the sea party, from streamers and balloons to tablecloths and centerpieces.

One easy way to decorate for an under the sea party is to hang streamers and balloons in shades of blue and green. You can also use fish or other aquatic-themed decorations around the room. Another idea is to set the table with a blue or green tablecloth and place centerpieces in jars or cups filled with water and shells or other aquatic creatures. Finally, you can also put sand in the bottom of jars or cups to give them a beachy feel.

If you're looking for kid-friendly party ideas that take place underwater, we've got you covered! From under the sea-themed games to sea worthy decor, there's something for everyone at your fun-filled under the sea party!

Under the Sea Crafts and Games for Kids Party

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