How to Throw a Perfect Princess Party

Perfect Princess Party

How to Throw a Perfect Princess Party

Whether you are a teacher throwing a fairytale party or a parent celebrating your little princess's birthday, throwing the perfect princess party has never been easier! Bring together your favorite princesses, princes, gnomes, knights, dragons, and fairies for a party your kids will love! Here are some tips for how to throw a perfect princess party.

Princess Party Decor

Your princess party decor can be fit for a. . .well, princess! Start by setting the room up like a castle. As your princesses and princes enter the party, have them walk through the castle doors!

No party is complete without a balloon arch! Your princess party will be an absolute success with this photogenic arch that will be a hit with boys and girls alike. The 120 piece kit comes with a balloon crown and all the balloons you need for the perfect backdrop for a fairytale party.

Princess  Games

No party is complete without games! Escape Room Games are always a hit with any princess or prince!

Escape rooms are puzzle games that require your kids to think critically and break codes. Your perfect princess party game is the Princess Fairytale Escape Room! This princess escape room uses secret codes to keep all your princesses and princes engaged and competitive! These games are perfect for your princesses ages 8-12.

Think of a fairytale party escape room like a scavenger hunt meets puzzle game. Here's how it works!

The children visit 10 stations to solve a puzzle and record their answer. Each station has a hint card. If a decoder is needed, it is provided with the name of the puzzle for kids to use.

Each Escape Room Game comes with the following:

  • PDF game guide
  • Set up instructions
  • PDF game materials
  • Signs to hold up
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Coupon code for future purchases

The best part is, there is no prep for your princess party game! This escape room is print and go!

Need something for younger kids? Try the Digital Princess Scavenger Hunt.

Checkout all the princess and fairytale themed escape rooms for your perfect  party!

Princess Party Food

What is the perfect princess food? Why popcorn, of course! After a light meal of dainty princess finger sandwiches, serve a popcorn snack with princess candies in princess popcorn containers!

Pick up some cupcakes from the grocery store or Costco or even make your own. Top them with the perfect princess party cupcake toppers! All of your guests will love these delicious treats.

Princess drinks (water or fruit punch) taste delicious through princess straws. These cute straws also make the perfect party favor!

How to Throw a Perfect Princess Party

Princess Party Crafts

No princess party is complete without crafts! Here are a few party crafts your kids will love to create!

Princess Wands

Each of your princes or princesses can make their own princess party wands! These DIY wands come with 18 fairy wands in moon, star, heart, crown, flower and butterfly shapes. Decorate the wands with 9 sheets of gem stickers in various styles and colors. Add different color ribbons to make each princess their own original wand.

Dragon Paper Crafts

Princess parties are perfect with dragons! Why not add a dragon inspired craft to your princess party? These paper flying dragons give you the materials to make 12 flying paper dragons. Have paper dragon races to make your princess party a fun competition for your princes and princesses!

Castle Crafts

This fun party activity is perfect for boys and girls! Each party goer can build their own castle. The kit comes with enough materials to build 12 wooden castle models and decorate with stickers.

Your princess party is sure to be a success! Get ready with princess decor, games, food, and crafts fit for a princess (or prince)! Don't forget to have your guests dress up in the favorite prince or princess gear. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, school party, sleepover, or special event, these princess games and goods will make your party ready for royalty!

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