Sports Trivia Games for Your Next Party

Sports Trivia and Games for Your Next Party

When it comes to hosting a fun party, games are always a great way to break the ice and get everyone interacting. What better way to get your younger guests talking than by testing their knowledge with some sports trivia? First, decorate with some sports-themed decor. Then, bring out the tailgate food and fun sports crafts. Whether your kids are die-hard sports fans or just casual spectators, these sports trivia and games are sure to liven up your next party.

Sport Decorations

To begin, deck the walls with some cool athletic, sporty decorations. Basketball, football, baseball, and soccer balloons thrill any sports fan at your party. Before the sports trivia begins, decorate with balloons to get your party-goers in the sporty mood!

Another sporty decoration is medals! Use these sport medals as rewards for sports trivia and games your kids play (and win) during the party.

Tailgate Sports Food

Of course, a sports-themed party is made for food! Whether it's pizza, hot dogs on the grill, or wings, food is a big part of sports. Finally, serve your favorite tailgate sports food on sports-themed plates and napkins.

Add everyone's favorite sports drink, Gatorade, for a thirst quencher after sports trivia and games. 

Sports Crafts

Another popular sports item is a baseball cap. Kids love hats, and these DIY baseball caps are a favorite for a sports trivia party! Decorate with their favorite sport, name, or just a fun design.

In addition, another sporty craft and activity is kite flying! Have your party goers make their own kite to fly at your sports party.

Sports Trivia and Games

Of course, the main event for your sports-themed party is sports trivia and other fun sports games! Check out a few of my favorite games to play with kids and adults!

Sports Trivia Escape

I love trivia escape room games, and the sports trivia game is no exception! Of course, the sports trivia escape room combines sports trivia, codes, ciphers, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, and puzzles for the perfect party game.

First, kids work through five challenges, each with five trivia questions and a puzzle decoder. Next, they answer questions for each challenge, then use the decoder to determine the lock codes. Even though the answers can be challenging, there is an answer bank to ensure success!

Finally, this game is ready to play with no fancy locks or set-up like other escape room games!

Have football fans? Try the football trivia escape for more specific sports trivia!

Sports Scavenger Hunts

If you're still looking for some virtual party games or ones to play in person without all the paper, the sports theme virtual scavenger hunt is perfect for your sports trivia party! This game is an interactive PowerPoint that can be shared on any virtual platform or projected on a computer or TV monitor at home.

Kids solve 20 sports-themed riddles then search the house for the item. All answers are a common household items like a hairbrush or keys, making the game accessible for everyone!

The scavenger hunts include:

  • PDF game guide
  • PowerPoint game with 20 riddles
  • Set up instructions
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Tech tips for video sharing platforms
  • Coupon code for future purchases

Try out the sports scavenger hunt along with sports trivia at your party!

Sports Treasure Hunt

A variation on the scavenger hunt is the sports treasure hunt. The treasure hunt is all about solving a mission.

First, a “secret mission” is read, and the "treasure seeker" receives the first clue. This leads to clue #2 in a different location. The game consists of two rounds.

During round one, the players read 14 riddles revealing the location of their next clue. After finding each clue, they will need to decode a puzzle which will reveal “movement” on the treasure map.

In round two, kids will move the “directions” on the treasure map to figure out where their final prize will be hidden. These directions are based on the decoded clues. The goal is to find all the clues and final treasure in the hiding spots. What a fun, interactive sports games!

More Sports Escape Rooms

Have a blast with the sports mascot escape room or baseball escape room at your next sports trivia and games party!

All of the escape rooms have your party goers visit 10 stations and solve a puzzle at each one using hint cards to help. Next, they record their answer on the recording sheet. If puzzles require a decoder, they are labeled with the name of the puzzle and ready to use.

Like all of the sports trivia and games, the escape rooms are instant downloads!

Overall, sports trivia and games are fun for parties for all ages. They can provide hours of fun and entertainment for all your guests. So don't hesitate to decorate, grab some good eats and sports-themed crafts, and play some sports trivia and games at your next party!

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